Our Vision

AMSA for everyone


Here at AMSA, we believe the world of asset management is too unfamiliar, at times even mythical, for too many people. Since asset management, and investing in general, form the pillars of our current society, AMSA aims to increase general knowledge of asset management and provide everyone with an objective picture of the world of asset management. This way, anyone can form a fair opinion on the world of asset management: only fair.

For more experienced members of our network, AMSA aims to offer more advanced workshops and networking and recruitment events with asset management's top players. As we like to say, AMSA really is for everyone.

Aside from our events, we aim to offer an online presence, unrivalled by any association, to optimise the accessibility of our platform and truly offer AMSA to anyone at any time. Due to the increasing dominance of technology and social media during our digital era, we want to use this opportunity to offer the first online association. In the future, check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts whenever you feel like learning something new.

Although AMSA already offers a great foundation for asset management, this is only the beginning. The team AMSA has behind it is always working on additions to the association and future developments, to ensure constant and never ending improvement.